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SEVENTEEN - HOT (Thumbnail: Mingyu)Line DistributionCaroline Kim Kellen
LOONA - POSE (Thumbnail: HaSeul)Line DistributionFyiFudge Jaeyoon's toe sucking vocals
How would LOONA sing Say something by TwiceLine DistributionKomo
LOONA - Butterfly (Thumbnail: ViVi)Line DistributionJaeyoon's toe sucking vocals
BVNDIT - VENOM (Thumbnail: Yiyeon)Line DistributionKai Mochi Jaeyoon's toe sucking vocals
How would Girls Planet 999 sing WA DA DA final rank 10-18 (not debut) (Thumbnail: GUINN MYAH)Line DistributionSTAR GUARDIAN
Brave Girls - How Come (Thumbnail: Eunji)Line Distributionderekhero0178
TNX - MOVE (Thumbnail: Kyungjun & Junhyeok)Line DistributionKellen
Hyolyn - KA-BOOM! (Thumbnail: Hyolyn)Line DistributionLunaticPeach
TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Good Boy Gone BadCenter/Edge DistributionMafis Kellen
CLASS:y - SHUT DOWNScreen Time DistributionRose
iKON - BUT YOU (Thumbnail: Jay)Line DistributionKellen shxxbis
LE SSERAFIM - The Great Mermaid (Thumbnail: Yunjin)Line DistributionJaeyoon's toe sucking vocals
LE SSERAFIM - Sour Grapes (Thumbnail: Kim Garam)Line DistributionLoona_0820 Rose
LE SSERAFIM - Blue FlameLine Distributionahnsequence Rose
LE SSERAFIM - FEARLESSScreen Time Distributionmangful
DKB - Sober (Thumbnail: Lune)Line Distributionyeims
ICHILLIN' - Play Hide & Seek (Thumbnail: Jackie)Line DistributionWilliam Snell
E'LAST - CreatureLine Distributionakestarsamvs
Monsta X - LOVE (Thumbnail: Hyungwon)Line DistributionKellen
YOUNITE - 1 of 9 (Thumbnail: Kyungmun)Line DistributionKellen
Dreamcatcher - Locked Inside A Door (Thumbnail: Siyeon)Line DistributionGab Sant PK~Kid
Dreamcatcher - Starlight (Thumbnail: Gahyeon)Line DistributionGab Sant PK~Kid lilvampire
Red Velvet - Marionette (Thumbnail: Yeri)Line DistributionJaeyoon's toe sucking vocals
IVE - LOVE DIVECenter/Edge DistributionCyanide1320
NINE.i - BEAUTY iNSIDE (Thumbnail: Winnie)Line DistributionEPMAN13
PURPLE KISS - Cursor (Thumbnail: Dosie in memeM era)Line Distributionargentoona
PURPLE KISS - Oh My Gosh (Thumbnail: Chaein)Line DistributionCyanide1320 argentoona
OH MY GIRL - Dear Rose (Thumbnail: Hyojung)Line DistributionPompom
CRAVITY - Adrenaline (Thumbnail: Wonjin)Line DistributionKellen
Red Velvet - Beg For Me (Thumbnail: Joy)Line DistributionMichale
Red Velvet - BAMBOLEO (Thumbnail: Seulgi)Line DistributionMichale
Red Velvet - Feel My RhythmCenter/Edge Distributionclick_clack
Red Velvet - In My DreamsLine Distributionprincessmork
Stray Kids - Charmer (Thumbnail: Lee Know (Scanning ver., the one where he has purple/pink hair))Line Distributioniknowuknowleeknow PK~Kid Helixx
Stray Kids - Waiting For Us (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N) (Thumbnail: Lee Know)Line Distributionharloperidol_
WEi - Too Bad (Thumbnail: Yohan (with her yellow bob))Line DistributionKellen
TWICE - Alcohol-Free - Japanese ver. (Thumbnail: Momo)Line Distributionalleella
(G)I-DLE - ESCAPE (Thumbnail: Minnie - I NeVer Die Album distribution)Line DistributionSonho_Min
(G)I-DLE - ALREADY (Thumbnail: Miyeon)Line DistributionSonho_Min
Brave Girls - Thank YouLine Distributionyeims
Weeekly - Solar (Thumbnail: Jiyoon)Line Distributionsylver
TEMPEST - Bad News (Thumbnail: Hanbin)Line Distributionslaycgirls
CIX - Pinky Swear (Thumbnail: Hyungsuk)Line DistributionJustintr15
Rocket Punch - LOUDER (Thumbnail: Dahyun)Line DistributionBellahhh
Billlie - a sign ~ anonymous (Thumbnail: Moon Sua)Line DistributionFyiFudge
NMIXX - Ść† (TANK) (Thumbnail: Jinni)Line DistributionNellyJelly_ ILuvTzuyu Bellahhh satan child
NMIXX - TANK (Thumbnail: jinni)Line Distributionlivnsweets
STAYC - YOUNG LUV (Thumbnail: Stayc young luv)Line DistributionSuperBlueRock K-POP's Top Ranking Bellahhh Michale EPMAN13 hayleyanne
STAYC - SAME SAME (Thumbnail: Sieun)Line Distributionjihyopinks