This is an idea that one of my patrons suggested last year, it’s a benefit for all of my patrons who supported me without requesting videos.

Once you become a patron, you will be given cetain amount of Votes, you can vote for songs you want to request, after a request hits 100% progress, I will make a video for it.

Custom pledge also works, for example, $11 = 11 Votes.

Line Distribution: 50
Screen Time Distribution: 100
Center/Edge Distribution: 100

My videos are very complicated, they take many hours to make, even if I’m doing this full-time, I can't make too many videos each month, I have to control the amount of requests I take.

The amount of tokens it needs for a request is not fixed, I will change it if I think it's necessary, for example, if there aren't many patrons requesting, then I will lower the number. It won't affect the requests that already hit 100%, they will stay 100% unless I don't think I'm able to do them, then I will cancel them and return all the Tokens.

Sorry, once you submitted your votes, you can not change them. However, if I think I won't be able to take a request, I will cancel it, then people voted for it will have their tokens back.

Yes, unused votes won't expire, you can use them anytime.

Yes, if I can find the translation and romanization, but because of potential copyright issues, I will upload the video to a second channel, then make a post about it on my main channel.

Your name will be credited in the videos if you donated more than $5 in the last 30 days

If you logged in without a Patreon account then become a patron, your Patreon account won't be linked to your existing account, you can contact me to link them together for you.

Sometimes, if you paid with different currency on Patreon, the number of Vote might be slightly different.

Please contact me if you have any question.

Yes, you can change your username here.

If you logged in with your Patreon account, you should change your "Display name" on Patreon, then logout and re-login, your new username will be refreshed.

If you are the starter of the request, you can choose it, there is a "Change Thumbnail" button on the detail page of each request you started.

Yes, only if you want to request it all by yourself, you can just request a random song then contact me, I will manually change it for you.

I made this app all by myself, I’m not a pro web developer, there might be bugs, so if you have any issue, feel free to DM me on Patreon or Discord.