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How Would Twice sing 'WE GO' by fromis_9 (Thumbnail: Jihyo)How WouldSyria
FAINIT - KILLER (Thumbnail: Liha)Line Distributionmidgets
ICHILLIN' - 1+1 (Thumbnail: Sohee)Line Distributionmidgets
ICHILLIN' - La Luna (Thumbnail: Chowon)Line Distributionmidgets
ICHILLIN' - FRESH (Thumbnail: Yeju)Line Distributionmidgets
ENVIDIA (은비디아) - 아는동생 (Who am I?) (Thumbnail: Dia)Line Distributionmidgets
Maka`Maka - I AM (Thumbnail: Daseul)Line Distributionmidgets
woo!ah! - Payday (Thumbnail: Songyee)Line Distributionmidgets
woo!ah! - Danger (Thumbnail: Wooyeon)Line Distributionmidgets
woo!ah! - Purple (Thumbnail: Nana)Line Distributionmidgets
BUSTERS - Cherry Blossom (Thumbnail: Yeseo)Line Distributionmidgets
Dreamcatcher - My Way ~ Kono Michi no Sakie ~ (Thumbnail: Dami)Line DistributionMermelada20
Kep1er - Sugar Rush (Thumbnail: Xiaoting)Line DistributionxoQueenArlene Ryna
How Would H1-KEY sing 'FEARLESS' by LE SSERAFIM (Thumbnail: Hwiseo [RUN white outfit concept])How Wouldabbymazenta
How Would WJSN sing 'Escape Room' by fromis_9 (Thumbnail: Eunseo)How Woulddomjefferies1
How Would Aespa sing 'GRATATA' by LapillusHow WouldAleerah Moon
How Would T-ARA OT6 sing 'The blinding past' by DIA (Thumbnail: Jiyeon (Blue Hair) )How WouldJiusomnia
BLACKPINK - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Thumbnail: Lisa)Line Distributioncaelan
How Would TWICE sing 'Ready For Love' by BLACKPINK (Thumbnail: Sana)How Wouldcaelan Koos L. Svendsen
PENTAGON - HAPPINESS (Thumbnail: Shinwon)Line DistributionKellen
Dreamcatcher - I Miss You (Thumbnail: Handong)Line DistributionMermelada20
How Would MISAMO (TWICE) sing 'I'm Jelly BABY' by AOA CREAM (Thumbnail: Sana [Cheer Up era])How Wouldjude loves pristin
BLACKPINK - Typa Girl (Thumbnail: Jennie or Lisa (Teaser poster))Line Distributionupvoltage1 adrianxs skiesvirtual DUVAL
BLACKPINK - The Happiest Girl (Thumbnail: Rosé (teaser poster))Line Distributionupvoltage1 caelan
SKY GIRL'S - Because of you (Thumbnail: Mirai)Line Distributionmidgets
Red Candle - 냉커피 (Thumbnail: OT2 if possible; if not, just Yeonyi)Line Distributionmidgets
BAE173 - DaSH (Thumbnail: Dohyon)Line Distributionmidgets
BAE173 - JAWS (Thumbnail: Hangyul)Line Distributionmidgets
BAE173 - Loved You (Thumbnail: J-Min)Line Distributionmidgets
BAE173 - Crush on U (Thumbnail: Doha)Line Distributionmidgets
bloomy - Because of you - Instrumental (Thumbnail: Seoyeon (Spotify only includes the instrumental version, but of course I'm not requesting that))Line Distributionmidgets
Ferry Blue (페리블루) - 친구야 가자 (Let’s Go Buddy) (Thumbnail: Hyeyoung)Line Distributionmidgets
We;Na - Like Psycho (Thumbnail: Yeonseo)Line Distributionmidgets
BUSTERS (KOR) - 랄랄라 (Lalala) (Thumbnail: Kim Minji)Line Distributionmidgets
How Would SHINee (Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin) sing 'Shut Down' by BLACKPINK (Thumbnail: Key (BAD LOVE era))How WouldShannonDolan96
How Would MISAMO- TWICE (Mina, Sana, Momo) sing 'Love You Like' by VIVIZ (Thumbnail: Momo)How WouldLannieM
How Would Cravity sing 'MAGO' by GFRIEND (Thumbnail: Minhee)How Wouldchristianwats628
Billlie - Mcguffins ~ who’s the Joker? (Thumbnail: Tsuki)Line Distributionkpop_piranha
How Would ENHYPEN sing 'La Vie en Rose' by IZ*ONE (Thumbnail: Sunoo)How Wouldkcruzreyes82
PRODUCE 101 - PICK ME (Thumbnail: Choi Yoo Jung)Line DistributionGabriel Wong
fromis_9 - Escape Room (Thumbnail: Chaeyoung)Line Distributionaespify
How Would Made Up Group: Anne (GWSN), Miso (DREAMNOTE), Haram sing 'OOPS!' by LOONA (Thumbnail: Jia)How Wouldcalc
Cherry Bullet - KKa KKa (Thumbnail: Chaerin)Line DistributionXuan Yi
How Would LOONA sing 'Ice Cream' by f(x) (Thumbnail: Yves)How Wouldaespify
How Would TWICE sing 'Very Very Very' by I.O.I (Thumbnail: Sana)How WouldI’m_unrealistic
sudannayuzuyully - LOOK AT ME NOW (Thumbnail: Takebe Yuzuna)Line Distributionsyc music
How Would TWICE (MiChaeTzu) sing 'MILKSHAKE (Korean Ver.)' by FANATICS-FLAVOR (Thumbnail: Tzuyu)How Wouldmydolledin
How Would Cherry Bullet (OT10) sing 'Perfect!' by WJSN (Thumbnail: May)How WouldXuan Yi
Kep1er - Attention (Thumbnail: Hikaru)Line Distributionlylalovesnako
How Would Kep1er sing 'AYAYAYA' by IZ*ONE (Thumbnail: Yeseo)How Wouldlylalovesnako