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BTOB - Only one for me (Thumbnail: Changsub)Line DistributionLindsey the Mii
SHINee - Juliette (Thumbnail: Jonghyun)Line Distributionf(SHINee)
tripleS - Seoul Sonyo Sound (Thumbnail: Hyerin)Line DistributionYoshi Chef veeu
DREAMCATCHER - Kill This Love (Thumbnail: Yoohyeon)Line Distributionjules Mermelada20 Sunset Chicken
MONSTA X - Shoot Out (Thumbnail: Jooheon and I.M)Line DistributionLindsey the Mii
Cherry Bullet - P.O.W! (Play On the World) (Thumbnail: Jiwon)Line DistributionBellahhh Heart AqFad yeims Kellen
ASTRO - All Good (Thumbnail: Rocky)Line Distributionjungwonifieds Blue_Hunter26
Girls' Generation - Echo (Thumbnail: Sooyoung (From MV, 2:23-2:24))Line Distributionkpopjpop21 Blue_Hunter26
TVXQ! - Rising Sun (Thumbnail: Group (rising sun album cover))Line Distributionharleyyyy EPMAN13
f(x) - Deja Vu (Thumbnail: Krystal)Line Distributionkunberry f(SHINee) Umi
Brave Girls - Thank You (Thumbnail: Minyoung)Line Distributionyeims taigabeat chuustartnow
Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) - THE GREAT ESCAPE (Thumbnail: Jessica (1st Japan Album Concept Photo))Line DistributionBlue_Hunter26 mssone1993 Ramo harleyyyy
After School (애프터스쿨) - Shh (Thumbnail: Kaeun)Line DistributionRad
ITZY - LOVE is (Thumbnail: Yuna)Line DistributionClaireL A X M
tripleS - Cherry Talk (Thumbnail: Chaeyeon)Line DistributionInsomnicnevie rafurto AqFad
POP! CORN - Shoot! (Thumbnail: Guinn Myah)Line DistributionMaxVy alleella eliashernandez0913
How Would Mortal Kombat 1 Kharacters (Outworld Line) sing 'Cream Soda' by EXO (Thumbnail: Reptile (Maskless))How WouldJaeWhatJae
How Would EXO sing 'Last Sequence' by WJSN (Thumbnail: Suho (Grey Suit Concept))How WouldJaeWhatJae
BTS - Not Today (Thumbnail: V (Jacket Concept))Line Distributioncaleb15officia JaeWhatJae
Wanna One - Beautiful (Part.3) (Thumbnail: Sungwoon)Line DistributionGranté