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MYTEEN - SHE BAD (Thumbnail: Shin Junseop)Line DistributionSonho_Min kyeoptaveve
How Would aespa, IVE & H1-KEY sing 'As If It's Your Last' by BLACKPINK (Thumbnail: Wonyoung)How Wouldabbymazenta
EXO - She’s Dreaming (Thumbnail: Chen)Line Distributionharleyyyy
Girls' Generation - Seventeen (Thumbnail: Sunny (Concept Teaser))Line Distributionmssone1993 Blue_Hunter26 STAR GUARDIAN B O U R B O N rafurto Andy C
Girls' Generation - Say Yes (Thumbnail: Sunny ('The Boys' Image Teaser #2, 0:52))Line DistributionSonho_Min Blue_Hunter26 STAR GUARDIAN
EPEX - Hymn to Love (Thumbnail: A-Min)Line Distributionprincess changkyun
WayV - Moonwalk (Thumbnail: Kun)Line DistributionMermelada20
JIHYO, 나연, 쯔위, Chaeyeong - 당돌한 여자 (Thumbnail: Tzuyu )Line DistributionMermelada20
Girls' Generation - 낭만길 (Romantic St.) (Thumbnail: Seohyun (I Got a Boy MV 4:28) (request this song to be posted before/during Valentines day, please))Line DistributionBlue_Hunter26
Girls' Generation - Mistake (Thumbnail: Yuri (Hoot Teaser Photo) (request this iconic song to be posted before/during Valentines Day, please))Line DistributionBlue_Hunter26 kpopjpop21
Girls' Generation - The Boys (English Version) (Thumbnail: Yuri)Line Distributionalleella B O U R B O N STAR GUARDIAN
Dreamcatcher - In The Frozen (Thumbnail: Yoohyeon)Line DistributionGab Sant Kat Mermelada20
Dreamcatcher - Together (Thumbnail: Yoohyeon)Line DistributionGab Sant Harrison Black Mermelada20
Dreamcatcher - Starlight (Thumbnail: Gahyeon)Line DistributionGab Sant Mermelada20 PK~Kid lilvampire lylalovesnako Insomnicnevie EPMAN13 brosook19902003
Dreamcatcher - Red Sun (Thumbnail: Dami)Line DistributionGab Sant Mermelada20 ShadowBender197 Pompom Insomnicnevie
How Would WJSN sing 'Ruddy' by Cherry Bullet (Thumbnail: Xuan Yi ['Happy Moment' Era])How WouldSonho_Min Dommo
PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE - Choose One (Thumbnail: Tsurugi)Line DistributionJustintr15
SUPER JUNIOR & Girls' Generation - Seoul (Thumbnail: Jessica (Pls do SNSD is original color based on CCL and SJ color can be any color))Line DistributionB O U R B O N
WJSN - Memories (Thumbnail: All members or All C-Line members or just one of C-Line member)Line DistributionSonho_Min Dommo
EXID - I DO (Thumbnail: Dami)Line DistributionSwiit Swiit Candy