Votes Request
50 Yoonie - Yellow Light (feat. YANGJEONGMAN) line
30 How Would Le Sserafim sing 'Puzzle' by SF9 hw
70 BTS - IDOL line
72 BTS - FAKE LOVE line
51 BTS - DNA line
9 SF9 - Still My Lady line
67 PICK-CAT - SNAP line
111 BTS - Tomorrow line
5 How Would aespa and LE SSERAFIM sing 'LOVE ME RIGHT' by EXO hw
56 BTS - I'm Fine line
117 YENA, BIBI - SMILEY(Feat. BIBI) line
117 SF9 - ROAR line
85 How Would Kep1er sing 'ESPER' by KWON EUNBI hw
110 SF9 - 비보라 (BIBORA) line
120 SF9 - So Beautiful line
84 BTS - MIC Drop line
76 How Would Ateez sing 'Rumor' by H.I.N.P (Hot Issue of Ntl. Producers) hw
20 IVE - I'VE MINE album
5 How Would 1D0LS sing '絆ノ奇跡' by MAN WITH A MISSION, milet hw
5 BTS - I Need U line
65 How Would Seventeen sing 'La Luna' by Weeekly hw
136 SF9 - Together line
50 Jung Kook (정국) - Standing Next To You line
50 GFRIEND - Fever line
50 Weeekly (위클리) - VROOM VROOM line
60 How Would The Simpsons sing 'We Fresh' by Kep1er hw
107 SF9 - K.O. line
5 Girls' Generation - Forever 1 screen
106 B.I - illa illa line
50 Kep1er - Galileo line
5 IVE - I WANT line
10 How Would NCT DREAM sing 'My Turn' by CRAVITY hw
75 How Would 4 Idols sing 'Danny' by LEE CHAE YEON hw
109 SF9 - Fanfare line
5 How Would Girl Patreons (GPSN) sing 'Likey' by TWICE hw
76 How Would IVE sing 'Echo' by SF9 hw
76 How Would IVE sing 'See U Tomorrow' by SF9 hw
76 How Would IVE sing 'Liar' by SF9 hw
76 How Would IVE sing 'Dreamer' by SF9 hw
76 How Would IVE sing 'Round And Round' by SF9 hw
71 How Would IVE sing 'RPM' by SF9 hw
83 How Would IVE and LE SSERAFIM sing 'Answer' by ATEEZ hw
100 How Would How would Kep1er Sing Puzzle by SF9 (Thumbnail: Xiaoting [Midnight Ver.]) sing 'Puzzle' by SF9 hw